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Our researchers attended the 8th International Workshop on the Biology of Fish Gametes, where they presented several projects and met old friends.
The workshop organized by the Algarve Stranding Network sold out in less than two weeks. The event promoted Ocean literacy and increased awareness about these protected marine species.
The BridgingAll project organised its first workshop that brought together researchers and project managers and opened doors for future scientific partnerships and proposals.
The study concluded that what motivates citizens to use these Apps is the creation of habits, evidence that the shared data was helpful and contributed to the study and the provision of facilitating conditions.
From 1 to 12 October, our researchers were on board the vessel Santa Maria Manuela on the Scientific Expedition Oceano Azul Cascais | Mafra | Sintra to discover the marine habitats of this region.
Our researchers of the ParticiPESCA project went to Malta to present the project and share some of their results at the 4 th World Small-scale Fisheries Congress.
The BridgingAll project showed in Lisbon its training offer and the objectives for partnerships between the Centre for Marine Science in the Algarve with the schools, the Live Science Clubs in Schools, and the teachers.
Our researcher João Cardoso was invited to present at the UN the CCMAR project in partnership with the University of Namibe that aims to study the threats and possible contamination of bivalves in southern Angola.
During the Eurofleets+ SINES Expedition - led by CCMAR and IPMA - the scientific team collected, processed, stored and analysed samples from seawater, plankton and marine sediments.