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The CCMAR collaborated with the Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente in the Environmental Volunteering for Water, a program that made possible the development of a simple metric for monitoring aquatic invertebrates, to be used by...
Aspeto das pradarias de Zostera marina em Portugal durante a maré baixa no verão (Créditos: Ana Alexandre – CCMAR)
In a recently published study (Functional Ecology) the researchers concluded that the effects of global change, particularly ocean warming, could benefit marine plants.
In recent years, biodiversity has suffered a rapid decline, but there are measures that can reverse this scenario. Jorge Assis integrated an international group of researchers who launched an article on the topic this Thursday.
João Saraiva, researcher at CCMAR, participates in a pioneering study that aims to improve the conditions and fish welfare in European aquacultures, by giving them legal status.
The oceanic genome has a high potential for biotechnological applications. However, it is threatened by several factors. The alert was given by a group of international experts.
A recent study by Joana Cruz and Alexandra Teodósio reveals how plankton communities in coastal lagoons respond to changes in a short temporal scale.
A new study focusing on Ria Formosa led by CCMAR researchers.
Our researchers Alexandra Teodósio and Vânia Baptista participated in a study that was recently published in Scientific Reports.
Under the scope of project RI-VIS, we led the development of a tool that will improve how we communicate research infrastructures in Europe.