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Twelve young students from the high school participate in the internships that CCMAR offers in this year's edition, carried out by the CCVIVA - National Agency for Scientific Culture.
This study, conducted in South Africa, is part of an ongoing and international collaboration between our researchers and Rhodes University.
An innovative study reveals that the adoption of very simple measures of environmental enrichment, which means the introduction of structures to improve the environment in the farming cages, contributes significantly to the...
Based on the ecological function and services of seagrass meadows ecosystems provide, our researchers have studied how these ecosystems improve water quality in aquaculture systems.
Raising only one voice, scientists and entrepreneurs call on the Government for more investment in research and innovation. The Manifesto that they present is subscribed by 100 researchers and businessmen and is online in the...
For the last 15 years, our centre has been dedicated to mapping marine habitats, an important research area for the implementation of marine spatial planning and management policies. In a visit, the Minister of the Sea announced...
This week CCMAR received the visit of students from the 1st grade at Colégio Bernardette Romeira, who got to know our research a little better.
Microplastics pollution in aquatic ecosystems is a major concern for the environment and human health. To study the effect of microplastics, researchers have recently designed and built a new housing system.
Isabel Marín Beltrán, a CCMAR researcher, was one of the young researchers invited by Science to write about how she imagined the world in 2040, considering the possible impact of COVID-19.