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During this week, we celebrated the National Science and Technology Week in collaboration with Ciência Viva , where we show our laboratories, the researchers who work there daily, their research and contributions to society.
Our researchers won the Born from Knowledge 2020 award with their research project "Development of a farmed fish with reduced allergenic potential”. The award was assigned by the Agência Nacional de Inovação (ANI).
Sebastian was one of the winners who had the opportunity to choose where to carry out his PhD. Among the more than 800 offers that the research centres provided, Sebastian chose to do his PhD at CCMAR.
Our researcher Ana Grenha from the Marine Molecular Bioengineering group won the Robalo Cordeiro SPP/AstraZeneca/Novartis 2020 Award for her new project " Immunisation by inhalation – A strategy for respiratory diseases".
This test allowed to confirm the water profiler capacities for the collection of data at down to 150 meters of the water column and is now ready to be permanently installed in Sagres.
This project has a technical team of biologists from CCMAR and University of Algarve, available 24/7, certified and trained to respond to alerts of dead strandings of cetaceans and sea turtles throughout the Algarve.
Our researcher Maria Teresa Dinis was distinguished this morning, during the Science'20 Meeting, which takes place today and tomorrow in Lisbon.
Through this new research project - "PLANT ME" - the team of researchers and hydraulic engineers intends to recover the seagrass meadows, developing a new planting technique for seagrass.
Our researchers Peter Hubbard and Zélia Velez have published this recent study which aims to study the effects of ocean acidification on olfactory sensitivity fish.