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Algumas algas vermelhas têm diferentes tamanhos de genoma
This study represents not only an advance in the knowledge of the genetic diversity of these economically important algae but also an advancement in the understanding of the biology and evolution of red algal taxa.
To celebrate the importance of water for life on Earth the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission has organised an online event that focuses on work carried out by Portuguese institutions and researchers, including...
The main goal of this online event was to address and highlight themes related to the role of women in science. From Robotics to Medicine, were presented the projects developed by the 14 guest speakers.
The Almancil International Rotary Club , a partner of CCMAR-Algarve and ICNF, is seeking donations from anyone interested in contributing to ensure the implementation of measures for the seahorse protection areas.
In Portugal and in most EU and worldwide countries the information on the impact of climate change on exploited resources is inexistent. In this study, researchers studied the role of climate change in fisheries in Portugal.
Biological invasions are one of the many consequences of a globalized world. Thus, early detection and eradication of invasive species are crucial to prevent significant economic impacts.
The study reveals that marine fish species exploited by commercial fishing tend to have less genetic differentiation between their populations, which may influence their ability to adapt to environmental changes.
The City Hall of Faro approved the classification of the Ramalhete marine station as Property of Municipal Interest.
The conference will take place online between 18 th and 29 th January, gathering over 400 participants, including scientists, industry representatives and policymakers, in an exchange of experience, knowledge and opportunities.