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Projeto ISIDORe will increase European capacity to provide research services dedicated to the study of infeccious diseases, particularly COVID-19.
The Algae4IBD project, with CCMAR as a partner, aims to identify compounds from algae that are effective against inflammatory Bowel Disease and developing them into functional foods and new medication.
A delightful campaign that was supported by our researchers.
The genus Caulerpa has attracted a lot of attention because many of its species became notoriously invasive. This is the case of the green algae Caulerpa prolifera that has been rapidly expanding in the Ria Formosa lagoon.
The CCMAR-Algarve is one of the institutes joining the initiative Be Open about Animal Research Day - Get on BOARD and one of the signatories of the Transparency Agreement .
Different diatom species present in the Antarctic Ocean determine the biological pumping of organic Carbon and biogenic Silicon in the Scotia Sea, according to a new study conducted with the participation of CCMAR researchers.
An important study conducted by our researchers relates, for the first time, the targets set by the Paris Agreement and North Atlantic commercial fisheries.
The EMSO-PT/CCMAR infrastructure is expected to be in continuous and autonomous operation until the end of September 2021, when the data will be collected.
On the World Day Against Child Labour, CCMAR) announce their association with the International Labour Organization and the United Nations (UN) to, through Alliance 8.7, promote the #EndChildLabour2021 initiative in the Algarve.