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On June 6 th , along with ISPA , LPN and ICNF partners, CCMAR promoted the inauguration of the new exhibition of the Oceanographic Museum of Portinho da Arrábida and the launch of the book "Este Mar é Especial".
Our researchers delivered a report that identifies key welfare issues regarding the transport of live fish. This study was the basis for a discussion on the regulation of animal transport in the European Parliament.
Filete de corvina 'americana' assado com esparregado de plâncton marinho"
From May 29 to June 6, the National and Iberian Week on Invasive Species occurs. The NEMA project participates in this week in collaboration with the recognized Algarvian Chef and Michelin star winner Chef Leonel Pereira.
The project aims to implement standards for sampling, metadata collection, sequencing and data analysis, which are fundamental to increase our understand of microbial communities in some sensitive and threatened marine...
Our researcher Francisco Leitão was in São Tomé to provide advance training on the functional ecology of artificial reefs to the promoters of the project, for two local NGOs and stakeholders.
During a field trip in March, our researchers, found and identified on the southwest coast, 15 species of deep-sea elasmobranchs, including some quite rare ones: the goblin shark, the frilled shark and the sailfin roughshark.
Capa do livro "Introdução á Aquacultura"
Maria Teresa Dinis is the author of the book that will be launched this Tuesday, May 11 th .
The CCMAR and the Oceano Azul Foundation delivered this afternoon a proposal to the Government with a view to creating the first Marine Protected Area of Community Interest in the Algarve: the Algarve Reef Marine Natural Park -...
Algumas algas vermelhas têm diferentes tamanhos de genoma
This study represents not only an advance in the knowledge of the genetic diversity of these economically important algae but also an advancement in the understanding of the biology and evolution of red algal taxa.