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Since more than 50% of fairy shrimp species are only known from ten or fewer localities, our researchers decided to study the relationship between different geographic distributions and patterns of genetic structure.
In Arrábida and on the Portuguese southwest coast, marine conservation was promoted by these two projects that ended this summer.
The Scientific Call will be delivered today at COP 26, during the meeting of the heads of state and governments of the Ocean Panel. Adelino Canário, Board Director of CCMAR and Professor at the University of Algarve, is one of...
Our researcher Bárbara Horta e Costa is one of the members of this group calling in the journal Science for an agreement on harmful fisheries subsidies.
The event was directed especially to fishermen involved in octopus fishery and stakeholders with an interest in the co-management of this resource.
This campaign aims to continue testing coral transplantation methods, accidentally removed from the seafloor by bottom-contact fisheries, that can be used in habitat restoration.
Our researchers point to environmental enrichment as a key element for the future of aquaculture.
These deep marine habitats, essential for the health of marine ecosystems, are not yet protected.
The researcher will take part in this unique expedition, which will have a substantial impact on our understanding of Earth's history over the last 5 million years.