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This campaign aims to continue testing coral transplantation methods, accidentally removed from the seafloor by bottom-contact fisheries, that can be used in habitat restoration.
Our researchers point to environmental enrichment as a key element for the future of aquaculture.
These deep marine habitats, essential for the health of marine ecosystems, are not yet protected.
The researcher will take part in this unique expedition, which will have a substantial impact on our understanding of Earth's history over the last 5 million years.
Victor won the Dayong Gao Young Investigator Award which promotes and encourages early career cryobiology researchers.
The scenario for the 2021 edition was Marshopping Algarve, where the Centre for Marine Sciences (CCMAR) and six other research centres were present throughout the day and into the night. It is one of the largest events for the...
Fátima Abrantes , CCMAR researcher and senior researcher of the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere , was distinguished with the "Ambassador Award – Union Award" for her excellence in scientific research, education,...
Barbara Horta e Costa was part of a group of 42 scientists who published, in Science magazine, the "MPA Guide": a new tool to characterize marine protected areas according to the protection they really offer.
This year, we welcomed 13 secondary school students from all over the country, who decided to have a different summer holiday than usual by experiencing what it is like to work in a laboratory.