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In addition to climate change and human impacts, ocean currents also play a major role in regulating the genetic diversity of mangrove forests on a global scale.
A new study identifies a 'warm' glacial period that would have allowed the accumulation of ice necessary for this important transition.
The draft resolution that proposes the creation and funding of the Comité de Cogestão da Pesca do Polvo do Algarve was debated and approved by a majority in the Assembly of the Republic.
Our PhD student Ibon García-Gallego was in Norway for a month working at the Skretting Aquaculture Innovation (AI) company in Stavanger.
The Minister for the Environment, João Pedro Matos Cordeiro and his team, visited yesterday the refuge area of seahorses in Culatra, where the maritime signage works have recently been concluded.
CCMAR is one of the partners of the STRAITS project that will equip all four corners of Europe with acoustic receivers o track aquatic life in an effort to better understand their biology and ecology.
Our researcher Carmen Santos is co-organizing this Summer School and will be also teaching the module on Blue Carbon.
In this programme, our researcher explains how her group contributes to the reduction of food waste by reusing mussels wasted by industry in aquaculture.
Besides the experience sharing between the clubs and their partners, the meeting served as a preparation for the regional meeting that took place at the University of the Algarve on the 10 th of February.