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Our researcher Lélia has finished her work on the EMSO project and will start working on the new project CoralOx. Congratulations!
Sandra joined CCMAR to research the occurrence, transfer kinetics and toxicity of emergent algal toxins on the Portuguese coast. Welcome to the team!
Our researcher Paulo Gavaia will present an oral presentation entitled: “Using zebrafish as a tool in bioprospection for osteogenic molecules”.
The researchers verified that the profiler appeared to behave as expected, and four regular profiles of approximately fifteen minutes each could be observed. It was also necessary to repair the radar reflector installed on the...
Victor joined CCMAR, where he will be involved in the European Project CRYO-FISH . Welcome to the team!
Our researchers won the best presentation award with their paper "The enigma of Hippocampus guttulatus from Ria Formosa: genetic diversity and demographic bottleneck do not go hand in hand".
Alina will do her PhD at CCMAR, where she will reconstruct seawater temperature, productivity, and acidification variability along the Iberian margin during key periods of the past. Welcome!
The parts that most attracted the participants were the practical video sessions and the participation of the industry in the Workshop. During the three days, the workshop registered a total of 220 participants from 19 countries.
Lucía will work in the Marbiotech group and do a traineeship that involves experiments at a pilot installation of novel microalgal photobioreactors in a wastewater treatment plant in the Algarve. Welcome to the team!