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Tiago started working as a Multimedia Specialist in our Communication Department. Welcome to the team!
Anaís has joined the Communication Department, where she is doing an internship to support CCMAR's science communication and institutional communication areas. Welcome to the team!
David is the lastest member of our Quantitative Bio-Imaging Lab, working with mesoscale imaging. Welcome!
Sofia has joined the Communication Department, where she will help develop and implement science communication strategies. Welcome to the team!
Nuno has joined CCMAR, where he will be working in the laboratory with experimental fish species, as well as helping to develop projects. Welcome!
Javier will focus his work on the integration of citizen science to monitor macroalgae blooms, ecophysiology responses of bloom-forming invasive species and the implications of their decomposition in climate change. Welcome!
Brigitta will do her Professional Practice at CCMAR, on the topic of “Ecophysiological responses of brown algae to climate change”. Welcome!
Joana will work with marine biotoxins that cause paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) and diarrhetic shellfish poisoning (DSP).
Mike will join the Biogeographical Ecology and Evolution group and study the utilization of the microbiome in seagrass restoration.