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Principles and Applications of NMR spectroscopy

Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Course Description 

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) has become a powerful analytical technology that has found a variety of applications in many research fields and various industries. It can be used to determine the molecular structure of unknown compounds or verify known compounds. NMR manages to “see” the nuclear spin of some atoms that make up the molecules. 

The objectives of this short course is to explain the basic aspects of NMR and discuss some applications. Topics to be covered include NMR fundamentals, namely acquisition, processing and interpretation of 1D and standard 2D experiments. Applications include structural elucidation, solvent suppression, qNMR, DOSY, and metabolomics.




The course involves the presentation and discussion of all topics. Some concepts and applications will be demonstrated by real-time analysis of selected samples and discussion of methods/results, using remote control software to access the instrument’s computer. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their specific research interests and applications.


January 28th Tuesday: 

9:30 -12:30: NMR fundamentals, overview of 1D and 2D experiments

14:00 -17:00: qNMR. DOSY. Metabolomics. Acquisition and processing of 1D and 2D experiments

Intended Audience 
All researchers and students working in fields involving molecular sciences. Early-career researchers and prospective users are welcomed.
Scientific Organisation 

Adolfo Botana

Adolfo Botana is an NMR applications specialist working at JEOL UK. He was awarded a PhD at the University of Manchester in 2011 for his work in the development of new methods in mixture analysis by NMR, with particular focus on Diffusion-Ordered SpectroscopY (DOSY) methods. This has been followed by a postdoc at the University of Toronto on environmental analysis by NMR, and a position in Agilent as NMR applications specialist. Since 2016 he has been working at JEOL UK developing and providing application support in NMR.
Type of Training 
Advanced Training
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