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Basic training for CyBio Felix - Pipetting Robots (Analytik Jena)

Thursday, March 18, 2021
Course Description 

CCMAR has acquired two pipetting robots Cybio Felix (Analytik Jena) in the context of the EMBRC project. These robots will reinforce the capabilities of the Molecular Biology Platform, as one will be dedicated to real-time PCR automation to save time and improve accuracy. The other will be dedicated for other types of manipulation that require multiple repetitions of pipetting (eg. ELISA, cell assays, enzyme assays, mini-preps etc). Both robots are for use by the CCMAR scientific community and we hope will increase and improve the output of all groups and visitors to CCMAR. These robots were selected based on cost, ease of use, versatility and running costs.

CyBio Composer is the Control Software for all CyBio Devices. Moreover, thanks to numerous plugins, it can control a variety of third party devices like robots, readers or dispensers. In this training we will focus on the pipetting device CyBio Felix. The training starts with a presentation to explain the basic functionality of the software. After that I will show some examples of possible programs. In preparation of the training it would be good if all participants could see the tutorial videos. Please feel free to send me your questions and expectations before the training, so I can answer them accordingly.



The event will be held online, registrations are mandatory but free. A link for attendance will be received upon succesful registration.


Thursday, March 18th: 

09h - 16h9h00 -10h45 Composer presentation, concepts and functions of the software
10h45-11h Short break
11h -12h Real examples of programming
12h-13h Lunch break
13h-16h Clarification of doubts


Intended Audience 
Scientists and companies interested in automate preparation of real-time PCR plates of 96 and 384 wells, automate manipulations that require multiple repetitions of pipetting like ELISA, cell assays, enzyme assays, mini-preps etc
Scientific Organisation 

Oliver Petereit

Analytik Jena
I have studied at the University Rostock in the subject of automation. Since the year 2000 I work as a software technician with CyBio and Analytik Jena. Familiar with the automation projects as well as standalone pipetting devices trainings of beginners and advanced users where always part of my work. Normally in direct contact, but with respect to the COVID-19-situation even remotely.
Type of Training 
Advanced Training
Presentation Language