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MSc Thesis Presentations

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 to Thursday, October 21, 2021
Online | Zoom platform

20 October 2021 
11:30 - Ana Pinto Carneiro 
Thesis: Diversity and distribution of patellid limpets along the southwestern African coast (Benguela current)
Jury: Rita Castilho, Ualg/CCMAR, João Neiva, CCMAR, Gonçalo Jorge Pestana Calado, Universidade Lusófona | Supervisors: João Neiva, CCMAR, Ester Serrão, UALG / CCMAR



14.30 - Nathalie Cristinie Oliveira Silva 
Thesis: Yellow-legged gulls as indicators of changes in environmental conditions: a long-term study at Berlenga Island, western Portugal 
Jury: Rita Castilho, UALG / CCMAR, Filipe Ceia, Universidade de Coimbra / MARE, Karim Erzini, UALG / CCMAR | Supervisors: Ester Serrão, UALG / CCMAR, Filipe Ceia, Universidade de Coimbra / MARE


21 October 2021 
9:30 - Gabriel da Cunha Bombo 
Thesis: Isolation of two novel Chlorella vulgaris and Tetraselmis chui mutants with improved protein contents and pigments for food applications 
Jury: Rita Castilho, UALG / CCMAR; João Varela - UAlg/CCMAR; Iago Dominguez Teles - Wageningen University, The Netherlands, Bioprocess Engineering Group | Supervisors: João Varela - UAlg/CCMAR, Hugo Pereira, CCMAR/GreenCoLab


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