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Godefroy Devevey and the panel of experts will be sharing experiences and hints about how to...

30 June 2020
Room 0.17 I Building 1 I Gambelas Campus

In this toolbox, Godefroy Devevey will explore the application form, examine the evaluation...

09 March 2020
Room 0.10 | Building 1 | Gambelas Campus

Godefroy Devevey will talk about some factual elements to help you fill in FCT grant application...

17 February 2020
Room 2.31a | Building 7 | Gambelas Campus

Godefroy Devevey will be introducing the application template for call CEEC#3.

06 February 2020
Room 0.10, Building 1, Campus de Gambelas, University of Algarve

This toolbox is about how to customize and integrate the following platforms: CienciaVitae,...

24 January 2020
Biblioteca da Universidade do Algarve | Gambelas Campus