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  • SIBIC2018
    VII Congress of the Iberian Society for Ichthyology, Faro, Portugal, from the 12th to the 16th of June, 2018. REGISTER NOW
  • 24th IUPAC International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry (ICPOC 24)
    Will take place in Portugal, Faro, from 1 to 6 July 2018.

Next friday, March 02nd, at 1:30 pm, we will host Marco Rebelo, who will talk about the use of genetic resources.

Next wednesday, Lidia Nicolau (from CRAM – Marine Animal Rehabilitation Centre, ECOMARE) is going to talk about the influence of anthropogenic factors in the community of sea turtles in Portuguese continental waters. Don't miss it!

Next week, we are going to listen Rui Peres dos Santos at 1:30 pm, that will talk about Azorean whale watching. Don't miss it!

Next wednesday, March 08th, at 1:30 pm, we will host Eduardo Sampaio, who will talk about the Complex cognition displayed by invertebrates and partners during interspecific cooperative hunting.

Next 14th February, at 1:30 pm, we will host David Abecasis, who will talk about the use of Acoustic telemetry for the design and evaluation of marine protected areas.

Next 07th February, at 1:30 pm, we will host Paulo Horta, from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brasil), who will talk about seaweeds and brazilian coast after Cabral's discovery.


Next 15th January, at 1:30 pm, we will host Renato Rosa, from Nova School of Business and Economics, who will talk about Integrating economics and critical depensation in the design of fisheries’ policies. An application to the Ibero-Atlantic Sardine stock.


Next 10th January, at 1:30 pm, we will host Cristina Simões, the HiTech Lisbon Coordinator, who will talk about HiTech applications. Find more about this training Program, that supports researchers’ translating cutting-edge technology and scientific discoveries into business opportunities.


Next year our seminars will return in January 3rd, at 1:30 pm with an invited speaker.


December 20th, at 1:30 pm on Room 2.31 A (bdg 7).

Valeria di Dato   
(Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn Napoli (SZN), Integrated Marine Ecology Department)