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Lourenço CR, Nicastro KR, McQuaid CD, Krug LA, Zardi GI. Strong upwelling conditions drive differences in species abundance and community composition along the Atlantic coasts of Morocco and Western Sahara. Marine Biodiversity. 2020;50(2). doi:10.1007/s12526-019-01032-z
Lourenço CR, Nicastro KR, McQuaid CD, et al. Evidence for rangewide panmixia despite multiple barriers to dispersal in a marine mussel. Scientific Reports. 2017;7(1). doi:10.1038/s41598-017-10753-9
Lourenço CR, Nicastro KR, McQuaid CD, Sabour B, Zardi GI. Latitudinal incidence of phototrophic shell-degrading endoliths and their effects on mussel bed microclimates. Marine Biology. 2017;164(6). doi:10.1007/s00227-017-3160-7
Lourenço CR, Zardi GI, McQuaid CD, et al. Upwelling areas as climate change refugia for the distribution and genetic diversity of a marine macroalga. Journal of Biogeography. 2016;43(8):1595 - 1607. doi:10.1111/jbi.2016.43.issue-810.1111/jbi.12744
Lourenço CR, Nicastro KR, Serrão EA, Castilho R, Zardi GI. Behind the mask: cryptic genetic diversity of Mytilus galloprovincialis along southern European and northern African shores. Journal of Molluscan Studies. 2015;81(3):380 - 387. doi:10.1093/mollus/eyv004