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Nanusha MYohannes, Carlier JDias, Carvalho GIvo, Costa MClara, Paiva APaula. Separation and recovery of Pd and Fe as nanosized metal sulphides by combining solvent extraction with biological strategies based on the use of sulphate-reducing bacteria. Separation and Purification Technology. 2019;212:747 - 756. doi:10.1016/j.seppur.2018.11.062
Costa MClara, Almeida R, Assunção A, da Costa AMaria Rosa, Nogueira C, Paiva APaula. N,N′-tetrasubstituted succinamides as new molecules for liquid–liquid extraction of Pt(IV) from chloride media. Separation and Purification Technology. 2016;158:409 - 416. doi:10.1016/j.seppur.2015.12.035
Paiva APaula, Carvalho GIvo, Costa MClara, da Costa AMRosa, Nogueira C. Recovery of Platinum and Palladium from Chloride Solutions by a Thiodiglycolamide Derivative. Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange. 2014;32(1):78 - 94. doi:10.1080/07366299.2013.810969
Paiva APaula, Carvalho GIvo, Costa MClara, da Costa AMRosa, Nogueira C. The Solvent Extraction Performance of N,N’ -Dimethyl- N,N’ -Dibutylmalonamide Towards Platinum and Palladium in Chloride Media. Separation Science and Technology. 2014;49(7):966 - 973. doi:10.1080/01496395.2013.878721
Costa MClara, Assunção A, da Costa AMRosa, Nogueira C, Paiva APaula. Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Platinum from Chloride Media by N,N ′-Dimethyl- N,N ′-Dicyclohexyltetradecylmalonamide. Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange. 2013;31(1):12 - 23. doi:10.1080/07366299.2012.700588