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TítuloSouth American monsoon response to iceberg discharge in the North Atlantic
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsStríkis, NM, Cruz, FW, Barreto, EAS, Naughton, F, Vuille, M, Cheng, H, Voelker, AHL, Zhang, H, Karmann, I, R. Edwards, L, Auler, AS, Santos, RVentura, Sales, HReis
Year of Publication2018
JournalProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Date PublishedOct-04-2018
Pagination3788 - 3793

Here, we present a precisely dated speleothem record of South American monsoon precipitation covering the period encompassed by the last six Heinrich Stadials. Our monsoon record allows us to determine the timing of regional hydroclimatic expression of Heinrich Stadials over tropical lowland South America. By comparing our record with sea-surface temperature reconstructions from the subtropical North Atlantic, our results provide evidence connecting South American monsoon precipitation and methane release with the events of iceberg discharge depicted by the deposits of ice-rafted detritus. These results are relevant to climate modelers and paleoclimatologists interested in abrupt climate change, tropical–extratropical climate teleconnections, and paleo-reconstructions of the monsoon and the tropical hydrologic cycle.Heinrich Stadials significantly affected tropical precipitation through changes in the interhemispheric temperature gradient as a result of abrupt cooling in the North Atlantic. Here, we focus on changes in South American monsoon precipitation during Heinrich Stadials using a suite of speleothem records covering the last 85 ky B.P. from eastern South America. We document the response of South American monsoon precipitation to episodes of extensive iceberg discharge, which is distinct from the response to the cooling episodes that precede the main phase of ice-rafted detritus deposition. Our results demonstrate that iceberg discharge in the western subtropical North Atlantic led to an abrupt increase in monsoon precipitation over eastern South America. Our findings of an enhanced Southern Hemisphere monsoon, coeval with the iceberg discharge into the North Atlantic, are consistent with the observed abrupt increase in atmospheric methane concentrations during Heinrich Stadials.

Short TitleProc Natl Acad Sci USA
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