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Principles and Applications of Azure Biosystems 600: gel documentation system

Terça, 10 Novembro, 2020
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CCMAR has acquired a gel imager documentation system "Azure Biosystems 600" in the context of the EMBRC project. This instrument will reinforce the capacity of the protein and biodiscovery pipeline – ProtMar and the CCMAR scientific community in general. Its applications include, collection and analysis of high resolution digital images from experimental work such as: the separation of biomolecules via agarose or polyacrylamide gels; western-blotting; in-cell western assays; protein arrays. The equipment allows different image acquisition modes (UV, fluorescence, colorimetric, chemiluminescent and bioluminescent) and operates from UV to near infra red (IR). This equipment is able to do multiplex fluorescent imaging and acquire images of up to 20cm x 16cm (equivalent to 4 mimigels/miniblots).


The event will be held online, registrations are mandatory but free. Recieve link upon registration.carlos lopes


Tuesday, November 10th, 2020 | 14:00 - 15:00

  • Introduction to imaging and applications
  • Quick overview of Azure 600 imaging software
  • Basics of AzureSpot software data analysis
Scientists and companies interested in collection and analysis of high resolution digital images.
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Jan Wolfram

Azure Biosystems
Jan Wolfram has been supporting researchers for nearly a decade and works currently as our Director of Technical Product Specialists at Azure Biosystems in Europe. Our team at Azure Biosystems is made of highly experienced scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs dedicated to accelerating your science. By innovating in unexpected places, we create products that combine smart, simple workflows with high performance and affordability. The result is that you can have the confidence in your data to move forward quickly, and the flexible capabilities to go wherever that data takes you.
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