Seminário | CCMAR
Valeria Di Dato talks about interesting molecules found in diatoms. Friday I Dec 7 I 13:30 I Room 2.31 Bd7
Pedro Afonso, from the University of the Azores, will talk about movement ecology applications. Friday, 30 November, 12:30. Auditorium 1.8.1 I Building 8 I Gambelas Campus
Isabel Duarte, from CBMR, will talk about timing cell differentiation. Wednesday, 28 November, 13:30. Room 2.31 I Building 7 I Gambelas Campus
George Merces vai falar sobre bioadesivos de origem marinha. Esta quarta-feira, 14 de Novembro, às 13.30 na sala 2.31 do ed.7 (Campus de Gambelas).
Esta sexta-feira, 16 Nov, André Gonçalves responde á questão "Como é que as celulas estaminais são mantidas durante a miogenese epaxial? Uma perspectiva evolucionária". Às 13.30, no Anfiteatro B do...
Victória del Pino, from the company Necton, will give us a guided tour through the world of microalgae on November 7 at 13:30 (Complexo Pedagógico - Anf. B).
Join us for the public presentation of the new switchSENSE ® biosensor on the 24th October, 10 a.m., at the Sala de Seminários da Reitoria of UAlg.
Hana Maalej and Asad Khan are visiting UAlg and CCMAR. In this seminar they will talk about their research.
During this seminar, Shirley Ellis will talk about how to master simplicity and clarity in scientific writing and attendees will learn the importance of planning to ensure good narrative flow.
John M. Hoenig, from Virginia Institute of Marine Science, is going to give a talk followed by an ATT (registration required), next 15th October. Don't miss it!